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Tinywell Healthcare Services Ltd
11 Anslow Place, Burnham, Berkshire SL1 6EA


At Tinywell Healthcare Services Limited, our primary goal is to provide high-quality service to our valued customers. We strive to ensure that each interaction and experience with our company exceeds expectations.

We have established service excellence standards that guide our team in delivering exceptional care to our customers. These standards emphasise clear communication, responsiveness, attention to detail, and timely service delivery. By adhering to these standards, we aim to consistently provide a superior level of service.

We recognize that, despite our best efforts, there may be instances where a customer is dissatisfied or wishes to raise a complaint. In such cases, we have a well-defined complaint handling policy in place. We take all complaints seriously, and our dedicated team is committed to resolving them promptly and fairly. We ensure confidentiality and impartiality throughout the complaint resolution process.

Furthermore, we highly value feedback from our customers. We understand that their input is invaluable in helping us improve people’s experience, the quality of care we provide, and other important aspects of our services. We actively encourage customers to share their feedback, suggestions, and concerns with us through various feedback channels. Regular reviews and analysis of this feedback allow us to identify areas for improvement and implement necessary changes.

At Tinywell Healthcare Services Limited, we are dedicated to continuous improvement. We constantly strive to enhance people’s experience, the quality of care, learning opportunities, and other qualities that contribute to our service excellence. We are committed to meeting and exceeding customer expectations, and we appreciate the role that feedback plays in achieving this goal.

To register a formal complaint with the manager, we kindly request that you utilise our contact page.

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“The call team at Tinywell are always prompt and efficient, always responding quickly.”

“The quality of the staff team is of a very high standard.”

“They always ring back and provide us with staff straight away.”

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